Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is designed to protect its user against any physical harm or hazards that the workplace environment may present. They include items such as protective helmets, eye protection, high-visibility clothing, safety footwear, safety harnesses, and sometimes, respiratory protective equipment. This equipment can save lives by protecting workers from injury, illness, burns, lacerations, and other occupational mishaps from machines and materials that can cause severe damage.

With accidents occurring every day within split seconds, personal protective equipment could potentially save your life.

Here is a list of highly required PPE for your safety.

Hard Hats (Safety Helmet)

In an environment with a high risk of falling objects or items, your head must always be protected. It’s never worth taking a risk, so always make sure you wear a befitting safety helmet.

Eye protection

Goggles and safety glasses are the most popular and effective types of equipment for the eyes and facial areas near them. This is because any substance, whether corrosive or not or any material, sharp or not, can be hazardous when it comes in contact with your eyes. It is important to acknowledge that there are different types of PPE eyewear available for different situations. Be sure to know which eyewear works for you.

Ear Protection

Workers who are subjected to a high level of sound exposure regularly must be provided with ear protection. 

Hearing protection must be right for both you and the environment that you are in. It must reduce the noise by the correct amount, whilst also being comfortable and safe to wear. 

Respiratory Protective Equipment RPE

RPE is a type of PPE used to protect the individual wearer against the inhalation of hazardous substances at the workplace. RPE should only be used where adequate control of exposure cannot be achieved by other means.

High Visibility Clothing (Safety Jackets)

Safety jackets are made using fluorescent materials and reflective components so that you stand out wherever you are, for your safety and the safety of others. High-visibility safety apparel (HVSA) is needed if you work where there is low light and poor visibility, especially if you are working around moving vehicles such as cars, trucks, or other heavy machinery.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) exists as a preventative measure for industries and can be very important against accidents and hazards.

At Noxie, we take employee health and safety seriously, as we understand the benefits it can bring to your business as well as the employees themselves. That’s why we supply the best-in-class personal protection equipment that matches your industry-specific needs.

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