1. Have a strategic safety plan

The best way to avoid workplace accidents is through a strategic safety plan. With proactive measures in place

And a targeted accident prevention program, a culture of safety can be established.

2. Promote safety awareness and safety training.

Creating a culture of safety reveals that safety is prioritized and employees feel encouraged to do the same. Ensure everyone has the proper safety training relating to the hazards of the job.

3. Keep walkways clean and free of clutter

By keeping walkways clear, the potential for injury is greatly reduced. An unobstructed path minimizes the chance of tripping over an unexpected object and reduces the potential for a fall.

4. Personal Protective Equipment

The proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can dramatically reduce the risk of injury. Examples of PPE are hard hats, safety goggles, gloves, earplugs, air-purifying respirators, overalls, safety shoes, etc.

5. Clean up spills immediately

If you have a spill, clean it up immediately. If allowed to penetrate the floor surface, some substances can create a more slippery surface even after cleanup. When a spill occurs, immediately place warning signs around the area and then get on the cleanup process.

6. Signage

Using clear, well-placed signage can help call attention to potential problem areas. Communicate safety hazards with adequate signage that identifies hazardous areas and potential risks like obstacles, spills, toxic materials, or other hazards. 

7. Manage cords

Power, internet, and phone cords can often create a sea of obstacles in a work environment. It is best to run cables behind walls or under carpets to keep them hidden. Install power outlets, internet connections, and phone jacks in easily accessible locations to avoid running cables across walkways.

Slips, trips, and falls are preventable. It is critical to frequently survey the work environment to avoid potential hazards. Remember, proactive attention to hazards will ultimately help keep everyone out of harm’s way.

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