Having an office kitchen allows staff to take breaks away from being tied to their desks for long periods of time. Being able to take regular breaks is very important as is the need to move around and avoid being sedentary. Walking around and taking a kitchen break can contribute to our daily exercise quota.

Kitchens sometimes get too hot or uncomfortable for your staff to work properly. It is unhealthy not only for your staff but for your equipment as well. Kitchens that do not ventilate well will leave a residue of oil and grease in the air that might clog up the necessary ventilation required by your equipment.

As more and more employers understand that getting the work-life balance is important and that staff health and well-being can play a vital role in keeping staff healthy, happy, AND productive, it’s easy to see why the office kitchen plays a major role in this effort.

Before companies had kitchens or other break-out areas many office workers spent more than seven hours a day sitting at a desk. Studies have shown that sitting for long periods is linked to obesity, some types of cancer, and potentially an early death. Sitting for extended periods is also known to slow the metabolism, which affects the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure and break down body fat which can lead to type 2 diabetes.

The kitchen can also provide a way to simply relax. Taking time out may have been seen as “not getting the job done” in the past but with today’s more enlightened understanding it is clear that everyone needs some “downtime” in order to allow their brain to have a break and to relax.

Noxie Limited has this in mind when it comes to designing a kitchen space it’s worthwhile giving thought to how to make it practical AND a place where people will feel comfortable. Functionality must still be a top priority but through careful planning, a kitchen can be a highly versatile space that can fulfill many needs and demands.

If you’re looking to fit out a smaller area as an office tea point and we can help you with this too.

Call today to find out more about our office tea point and workplace kitchen fit-out services and we can then arrange for one of our project managers to come out to visit your site and carry out a full site inspection.

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