Noxie Limited is a specialist in everything from the supply right through to the installation of partition walls. Our partition wall services include interior office partitions, aluminum-framed partitions, frameless glass partitions, Bi-block partitions, fire-rated system partitions, high wall partitioning, operable walls, jumbo stud partitions, demountable partitions, and glazed office partitions.

Our extensive range of partition walls can be used to create stylish, modern, and functional office interior decoration. Our products are specifically designed to suit all budgetary requirements whether seeking a low-cost solution or a high-end specification.

The full office interior range consists of partition walls, glass walls, plasterboard office fit-outs, and frameless glazed partitions, all with an extended variety of vinyl finishes, paint colors, and timber or glass doors. Our room divider doors can be fitted on a partition screen or any other of our room separator services. They allow easy access into a room and let a room have a bit more privacy.

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