A lot of people don’t consider the state of their work desk on a daily basis. But some effort and carefully arranged objects can make all the difference.

People never give much thought to what occupies their work desk. It’s a place for your computer, accumulated coffee cups, sad desk lunch crumbs, reference books, writing utensils and a few photos of your friends and family right?

It’s important to understand that, what and how we choose to fill our office space can increase — or decrease — productivity and health.

Noxie Limited will customize your desk to help you maximize your productivity. Sometimes having precious little desk space can force you to stay highly organized. Instead of setting things aside to sort or file later, You are able to take control of potential clutter before it takes control of your desk.

Noxie Limited is here to show you smart ways to maximize your minimal desk space.

  • We help you go digital!

You can store all your paper documents, handwritten paper notes, even photos can now be in a digital form on your computer. So your desk is de cluttered.

  • A clean desk Policy

NL is into Safety. With the Covid 19 pandemic, we encourage you to wipe down your desks everyday. Days of of having papers, articles, and notes stacked around on your desk to gave the impression that you are busy and working on important things is over.

Our DESKS have mobile drawers below the table for storage. We advise you to use the forgotten under-the-desk space to get things off your desk so you can use all of your desk space productively as a work surface.

  • Shrink Down

Days of large desk computers are fast disappearing. Smaller equipment such as a laptop or tablet that can easily move or put away to maximize availability of your desk space as a work surface is a good idea.

  • We help you Incorporate an Ergonomic Arrangement

In NL our desks and Chairs are all ergonomic because we know this is where most of your time is spent. Our accessories such as a desk light over the space where you read papers, makes reading easier and will make your office seem larger.

  • Our cable management control

All our DESKS have a cable management hole.

Don’t let out-of-control cables, power cords, and power supply bricks eat up your valuable desk space. All the cables behind equipment and under the desk are carefully kept off your desk space, and we encourage the use cable ties from our large stock of office accessories to keep cables where you want them.

There is so much we can do for you especially around your budget.

Noxie Limited your dependable office solution provider.

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