The hybrid workplace is defined as a business model combining remote work with office work. It may look different among organizations, but it typically includes the onsite presence of a core group, while others are free to come and go as they please, within reason.

The pandemic has transformed the way we work, and for many, a hybrid future is imminent.

As a concept, it pretty much does what it says on the tin: a mix of different ways of working. This mix covers a whole range of hybrid working models; whether that’s set days for certain teams to be in the office, or a more flexible arrangement, where people book their office time as and when they need it.

Long live the meeting room. At a time when remote working has become the norm and organizations are transitioning to a hybrid workplace, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the humble meeting room’s days are numbered. Not so. As workplaces evolve and teams are spread across different locations, hybrid meetings are a way to ensure collaboration and decision-making doesn’t grind to a halt.

A hybrid meeting involves a mixture of in-person and remote attendees. Remote attendees join the meeting via a virtual meeting platform, such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. In-person attendees sit together in a dedicated meeting room. Sometimes each participant will take part in the meeting using a personal device, regardless of whether they’re physically in the meeting room or not. In other instances, in-person attendees will use a central screen.

Hybrid meetings can help oil the wheels of teamwork, collaboration and decision-making in your organization, because you don’t need to interrupt meeting cadence even if some employees aren’t in the office.

Combined space: Connecting face-to-face teams with remote employees

To make the most of hybrid meetings, you may need to make some upgrades to your meeting spaces and the way you manage them. The modern meeting room will rely on technology more than a traditional meeting space. Sound, video and connectivity are all important.

Noxie Limited will create that environment in terms of sound, ceiling- or desk-mounted microphones that aren’t sensitive to background noise, and that can distinguish who is speaking, will ensure remote attendees don’t miss out on conversation.

NL will help your organization optimize meeting room configuration which is also important because you’re more reliant on meeting spaces working well.

NOXIE Limited understands meeting is a staple of office life. It plays a key role in decision making and collaboration, and its place in our workplace culture is secure. But as circumstances force the workplace to evolve, the way we approach meetings must adapt too.

Inclusivity is key, as is the right technology to support a modern meeting room. AV equipment, virtual communication tools and meeting room booking software all have an important role to play in ensuring that meetings remain effective business tools, and that they’re enjoyable, engaging and inclusive.

Call us today to customize your hybrid workplace to make collaboration work better and smarter.

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