A reception area is an office waiting room where visitors are greeted and the receptionist sits.

At Noxie Limited we take the area called reception very seriously because it is considered as the first contact point of the clients. The reception area allows visitors to learn more about your company’s background and culture while waiting for someone to meet them.

The welcoming atmosphere of your reception area will have a positive impact on your employees as well, making them feel like an essential part of your business.

In NL we come to you with our innovative ideas to make sure you leave a great first impression and create that wow effect.

Remember the office space reflects who you are, what your business stands for, what its core values are, and how you run it.

The power of your brand starts here and you want it to evoke feelings of competency and trustworthiness, you need to send the right message from the very beginning.

Apart from all this, your reception is a  carefully designed area which comes into play for everyone in the office because it creates a sense of belonging and team spirit.

Our design team is ready to help reinvent and re-create a reception that is stylish and practical.

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