It’s ok to work remotely for some but never forget to put into account the psychological effect you may suffer from the pressures at home.

You need a lot of self control because it’s totally different from working in your office. If you don’t set proper boundaries, you could become exhausted from resisting distractions from kids, pets, Netflix or even household chores. This can deplete your mental energy level and cause you to feel tired.

So here are some helpful tips to give a work space that looks like you are in the office:

  1. Find a dedicated workspace (or workspaces!)
  2. Get yourself an ergonomic chair
  3. Consider a healthy standing desk or sit-stand converter
  4. WIFI: options to speed up your home WiFi connection
  5. Get the right ergonomic accessories for your setup

Having a proper set up home office goes a long way in creating a conducive, productive and positive environment which could help you feel relaxed and focused during your work.

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