Step 1: Cutting

1. Measure the length you need

2. Using a T-square as guide, cut along the marks with a drywall saw. 

Step 2: Hanging

1. If you’re working with wood studs, hang sheets horizontally. Apply drywall adhesive before hanging.


2. Use a screw gun to attach the drywall to the wall studs. Insert screws four inches apart. 

Step 3: Finishing

1. Tape Coat

Using a 6 inch knife, sprad a 4 inch wide layer of joint compound along the seam.

2. Drywalll Tape

Apply drywall tape along the joints.

3. Block Coat

Apply a second layer of compound on top of the tape

4. Skim Coat

Use a 12 inch knife to apply a thin and smooth final layer of joint compound.

5. Sanding.

Wait 24 hours and use 120 grit sandpower to smooth the walls.

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