For a beautiful ceiling, the usual is to play safe with white, yes! various shades of matte white.

Well that’s not the case for us at the ever so innovative team at Noxie Limited. We bring with us our Brand to reinvent your IT moment. 

We create a uniquely soothing interior in your office by showcasing soft shades of color up above.

We love opting for soft shades of blue on a ceiling for a wow factor and give you the feeling of a fresh, open sky that brings calm to a space.

We recommend ceiling paint colors that can elevate your space that can foster feelings of peace and tranquility. To give you the neutral, serene, or slightly statement making atmosphere in and around your work place. 

Call today for a free warm visit to our showroom and we will be happy to put you through the dream of driving the drama in the space, yet keeping the tradition of painting the ceiling Pure White but choosing to paint the trim and beams another colour like grey, to give an airy yet layered and inviting space for you our clients to enjoy your morning cups of coffee before you get into your busy day.

We can create your mood from the wall to the ceiling.

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